Mindful Self-Compassion

"Love More, Stress Less"

8-week group program that teaches you how to be emotionally resilient and love yourself more through a combination of mindfulness skills and self-compassion.

The upcoming course will be taught by Dr. Patty Shutt, in-person in Boca Raton, FL.

Mondays 9:30 am - 12 pm starting September 18th


MSC is right for you if you want to learn...

  • How to stop being so hard on yourself
  • How to handle difficult emotions with greater ease
  • How to motivate yourself with encouragement rather than criticism
  • How to transform difficult relationships, both old and new
  • Mindfulness and self-compassion practices for home and everyday life
  • The theory and research behind mindful self-compassion
  • How to become your own best teacher for navigating life
That's ME, I'm IN!!

Raise Your Hand If You...

- Struggle to prioritize your own health

- Believe you're never good enough

-Feel pressured to work and stay productive rather than giving yourself the rest you need

- Get stuck in a self-critical mind loop that never helps the situation and only makes you feel worse

- Fear your self-doubt will limit you from reaching your full potential and enjoying a happy life

- Lash out angrily at loved ones and struggle feeling guilty about it

Now Imagine If...

- you cultivated kindness and compassion for yourself resulting in better health

- you strengthened your mind-body relationship  resulting in better sleep, more energy and focus, greater motivation to care for your body through movement + better food choices

- you now honor and express your emotions in a non-reactive way

-you live with more presence and move through challenges with greater ease

- you befriend your inner-critic and experience more joy, peace, and confidence

- your heart is now open and a new sense of beauty and love are available to you


"Taking MSC was the most transformational experience of my life. Learning to give myself permission to love myself and treat myself with compassion was essential for my physical, emotional and mental health. I took the course twice and will likely take it again."

- Lynda


Make Peace With Your Inner Critic

Use self-compassion tools to stop being so hard on yourself, handle difficult emotions with greater ease, and motivate yourself with encouragement rather than criticism.

Learn Practices for Everyday Life

Learn how to care for yourself during and after difficult situations so you can become your own best teacher! Your ability to be compassionate to yourself will open you up to developing greater care & compassion in your relationships.

FREE Access to Sacred Treehouse Membership

Get 10-week access to our online community portal that has additional opportunities to learn and practice mindfulness! Renowned therapists and coaches have shared variety of practices and masterclasses to support your mind-body-spirit success!


Benefits of a Mindfulness Practice

  • Enhances emotional wellbeing
  • Boosts happiness
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Increases compassion for others
  • Increases life satisfaction
  • Helps you maintain healthy lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise 

Being both mindful and compassionate leads to greater ease and well-being in our daily lives.

I want these benefits!!

Hear from one of our past students:

"I had put off taking a mindfulness course because I felt I was too busy. Plus I figured that stress was part of life and I deal with it pretty well. I take good care of myself with a regular workout routine, healthy eating and time with friends. But as I began to prepare for my kids to go off to college and leave the nest, I realized I needed more to deal with this major transition. I took the MBSR course and it literally changed my life, and it did so in simple, beautiful ways. I followed up with the MSC course, which helped me hone what I had learned. The course instructors offered many tools to help me develop a practice that's right for me. I learned to nurture myself and take care of my mental health, which is now part of my everyday life routine. I cannot recommend these courses enough, and I suggest don't wait for the "right" moment. That moment is now."

~ Stacie

(completed both MBSR and MSC virtually)

Meet Your Instructor,

Dr. Patty Shutt Psy. D.

Dr. Shutt, founder of Sacred Treehouse, is a licensed psychologist and co-owner of Therapeutic Oasis of the Palm Beaches in Boca Raton. Dr. Shutt has over 15 years of experience working with individuals and groups to improve mental and emotional functioning. She is a deeply compassionate, genuine, and active therapist who helps individuals with a range of difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma related difficulties, stress management, and lifespan adjustment issues. She works in collaboration with her clients to create desired changes and reach important goals for lifelong mental wellness and believes everyone should live a life filled with love, health, peace and personal fulfillment.  

Dr. Shutt works hard to transform her and her client's dreams into reality. Sacred Treehouse is a representation of this personal work and her deep desire to help others do the same in their life. Dr. Shutt’s personal journey led her to the teachings of Sri Eknath Easwaran, who offered all the tools necessary for living a life of meaning and purpose. She has studied much of Easwaran’s work and participated in several retreats sponsored by his Blue Mountain Center of Meditation. Additionally, Dr. Shutt has engaged in many workshops at the Omega Institute in New York to further her own personal growth. Her commitment to life-long learning and growth is apparent when working with individuals and groups. She truly practices what she teaches. Dr. Shutt is dedicated to bringing meditation and peaceful living to all who are interested!

Frequently Asked Questions

Join Dr. Shutt's 2023 MSC!

Dr. Shutt will be offering MSC in-person this Fall.

What you'll get:

  • 20+ hours of weekly LIVE course calls
  • Tools for navigating life's difficult emotions
  • Included one-on-one weekly accountability coaching sessions
  • FREE 10-week access to Sacred Treehouse's NEW Mindfulness Membership 
  • As an alumni, you have opportunities to go on Sacred Treehouse retreats and receive discounts on other programs

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